Bottomley Distillers Ltd – Rum Cat

Bottomley Distillers Ltd – Rum Cat

Bottomley Distillers Ltd are incredibly excited to announce the imminent launch of Rum Cat.

Rum Cat has been a labour of love for the team, after Alan drew a chalk board picture of the family cat ‘Puss Puss’ in the kitchen, and wrote ‘RUM CAT’ underneath, back in 2018. Fast forward after the expansion into the new distillery and Rum Cat is about to dock!

Alan Bottomley, Co-Founder of Bottomley Distillers has said ‘I have wanted to launch a Rum for a long time, but needed to get it right. We are so happy with the flavour and really think that we have captured the feel of what I’ve always imagined Rum Cat to be.”

Rum Cat is a 40% Golden Rum, spiced with cinnamon and ginger then sweetened with banana and pineapple. We will be releasing an Over Proof version too, which will be at a whopping 57% and will lend itself to cocktails and pirates!

Amy Conyard, Co-Founder of Bottomley Distillers said “I have been so excited to get my teeth stuck into this project. The brand is such different feel to Pin Gin and Rum Cat is a lot of fun! We think that the Rum markets growth is clear and as much as we’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but really pleased that we waited until we were 100% happy with the brand, the feel and most importantly the spirit.”

Rum Cat will be available to purchase through our distributors and retailers alike over the coming weeks.

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