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Independent craft brewery since 1874 based in Lincolnshire dedicated to brewing top quality cask beers

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  • 01754 880317

  • Salem Bridge Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire , PE24 4JE

About Batemans Brewery

Fourth-generation family brewers
Batemans Brewery has been passed down through four generations of our family, and along with it a passion that’s never abated. Our hard-fought independence is a wonderful thing, allowing us to continue to brew great beer and run successful pubs.

That success has never been at the expense of other people. As our grandfather, Harry Bateman, once told his fellow brewers: “In your business, don’t ever lose the human touch with your employees and tenants.” These are the wise, caring words we live by.

Visitors Centre
Overlooking the River Steeping, Batemans is one of the oldest and most picturesque breweries in the country. Come and visit our iconic windmill, dating back two centuries, and get a unique insight into our family history as a proudly independent brewer.

Our People
At the heart of our business is a talented group of people who are as committed and passionate as we are. They’ve grown with us and are proud to be a part of a company that goes the extra mile – in providing brilliant service, and in making people feel good.

Run a pub with us
Our Profit Partnership model is based on creating a fair and rewarding relationship between landlord and publican, while providing the best possible tailor-made support in the trade.

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