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Founded over 100 years ago, Lakings has stood the test of time by offering the finest quality cuts of meat, with a work ethic focused on customer service.

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Lakings of Louth was founded over 100 years ago, and has stood the test of time by offering only the finest quality cuts of meat, with a work ethic focused on customer service and consumer satisfaction. We source all our butchery good from local farms and local markets.

Lakings of Louth display traditional quality fresh beef, lamb and pork. Our beef is “hung” for at least 21 days to give the meat maturity and tenderness. Our lambs are also given a “hanging” time to give them optimum tenderness and flavour.

Our pork comes from local sources and is prepared for the shop as well as our manufacturing department. Poultry comes from Norfolk and is delivered at least twice weekly. Bacon is supplied by local and Scottish sources. We also produce our own dry cured bacon and hams. Bacon and ham joints are cut and packed on the premises throughout the week.

A full range of cooked meats are prepared on premises for our Deli counter. Hams, turkey, beef and pork are prepared daily to be boiled or roasted in ovens ready for slicing in the shop.

Orders are prepared for weddings and functions on most weekends. Buffets are frequently prepared to be delivered to local businesses and educational establishments. Our bakery bakes bread, pies, pastries and cakes throughout the day.

As part of our commitment to sustaining a healthy and beautiful environment, we now use eco-friendly packaging for all of our butcher produce. By using specially crafted and designed packaging such as WoolCool to store our meat, we can provide long-lasting quality to our consumers, meaning the product will never suffer due to external damage from transport or temporal damage regarding temperature and humidity levels. As all packaging is made from a blend of felting and sealing pure wool, it creates better insulation and can be re-used several times, limiting the need for additional spending on waste disposal.

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