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Makers of award winning Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, using traditional methods and ripening for over 18 months.

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  • F.W Read & Sons Ltd, Ulceby Grange, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 0HE

About Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

At Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, we are absolutely committed to producing the very best cheese that we possibly can (with a little help from our 230 Holstein Fresian Cows!) using our own fresh unpasteurised milk and traditional methods. We have to show lots of patience as cheese we are making today will probably not be sold for another 18 months!

We consider ourselves to be extraordinarily lucky to be running a farm in such a beautiful part of the country and to have had the opportunities that the business has given us. For us, it’s all about the cheese!! We want to make the best tasting cheese, with lots of depth and complexity all of the time, so an awful lot of our energy is spent concentrating on this. We both love cheese of all types and are fascinated by what differentiates the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Our cheese is the embodiment of us, our farm, our staff and everything we do on the farm so it is particularly important that we make every effort to produce the best cheese we can because it represents us and everything we do. In addition to this, we feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to manage the farm and the business as a whole to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

We have a number of renewable projects on the farm including a 275kwh wind turbine, 50kwh of solar panels, a straw pellet boiler for heating the milk using straw that we have baled ourselves and a ground source heat pump to heat the office and cutting room. We generate about 500 Mwh of electricity through wind power and solar each year and this is more than we currently consume, meaning we are net exporters of electricity. In addition, we have cut our annual consumption of oil with the introduction of the straw pellet boiler by about 20,000 litres/year.

The recipe for Lincolnshire Poacher cheese is a cross between a traditional West Country cheddar and a contintental alpine cheese such as Comte. There are, though, a number of small technical differences within the make that give the cheese its unique texture and flavour.

Our ‘girls’ are arguably the most important part of the business, because they are the ones who produce the fantastic milk, without which, it would be impossible to make great tasting cheese.

The welfare of the cows is paramount and this couldn’t be illustrated better than our ‘Happy Cow’ brushes, which we have in our crew yard where the cows congregate after milking. Nature teaches us that cows behave in a specific way to clean themselves with the help of a tree or post to remove parasites, mites and lichen. This is not only a necessary act for the cows but also a pleasurable one, which will influence the production of milk in a positive way. We make every effort to grow as much of the feed for the cows as we can. This currently includes grass, grass silage, maize silage feed beans and feed beet.

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