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Home made fudge in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, Old Elephant Fudge offer many exciting flavours. Includes vegan, and all flavours are gluten free!

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  • Woodlands House, Newtoft, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN83NG

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Home made in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, Old Elephant Fudge offer many exciting flavours for you to try or to give as a gift.

Old Elephant Fudge was started 14 years ago by me, Lynne Grebenik. How come ‘Old Elephant’ I hear you ask. It was named after my son’s cuddly toy that he had when he was little. It was meant to be a temporary name, but it somehow stuck! I usually wear a silly elephant hat, which seemed a good idea at the time. I feel a bit crazy, but it makes people smile! (My sons would say ‘a BIT crazy’? Totally crazy!)

My fudge is made in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, by me, not bought in. I have a separate fudge kitchen where I can see birds, rabbits, pheasants, and sometimes deer in the garden. Lovely and quiet, then the Red Arrows fly over!

I use only top quality ingredients. Butter, not margarine etc. I place a lot of emphasis on quality, as I think it would be a shame to do all the work of making it, only to get an inferior product! All of the fudge is GLUTEN FREE. Fudge should be gluten free, but some people add flour etc. to bulk it out and make it cheaper (not always sold cheaper though!)

Some of the flavours have added ingredients that contain gluten – e.g. Smarties, Maltesers, Biscuits. Please ask if you have any queries about this.

I sell my fudge at farmers’ markets, food fairs, agricultural shows etc., and, of course, the Lincoln Christmas Market. I am helped at weekends and very busy times by my husband, Mike. My sons help too when needed!

I joined Tastes of Lincolnshire when it started, and now I am a member of Select Lincolnshire, who give a lot of support.

I have recently added DAIRY FREE (also VEGAN) fudge. So far I have only four flavours but that will increase. It is produced and kept separately to the other fudge.

I am always happy to try to accommodate requests if at all possible.

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