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Quintessential English country pub, complete with real ales, fine food, low beams & great Lincolnshire Food!

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Nestling in the picturesque village of Bicker, the Red Lion is surely the quintessential English country pub, complete with real ales, fine food, low beams & warm fires. Once seen and experienced, it lingers long in the memory & enjoys a devoted following from locals and visitors alike.

If only walls could talk! Tales of smuggles, sea – disasters, family troubles, happiness and heartbreak would be only a few of the repertoire of the walls of Bicker’s oldest public house – The Red Lion.

This white – painted inn had the name “John Drury” around the date 1665 (the date of the Great Plague of London) and I am given to understand that this was only the date it was restored!

Inside, the rooms recapture the atmosphere of a typical English inn, with low beams and painting of blood sport around the walls. From two different sources I have been told it was called the “ Mariner’s Rest”, and the “Sailors Rest”, even further suggestion that Bicker Haven was once an inlet of the Wash.

We use only the freshest local ingredients where possible and due to this the menus shown are only samples and may be subject to change.

All our food is prepared using fresh, local ingredients from the suppliers below:

Meats by Boston Sausage
Piccalilli by Diane Smith Bicker
Fresh fruit & vegetables by Johnathon Hull wholesale Sutterton
Fresh seafood by M&J Seafood Grimsby
Game The Lincolnshire Game
Meats & Game Peterborough Game

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